Wendy Petrie's son Zach in Peppin

 Zach is looking swell in Our Slouch pants and fox Tee.

As featured in NZ Womens Weekly

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  • Just remember Daddy and Mommy bhuogt the Scrapbook store for their precious little darling and are running it for her now. Wake up Mom and Dad, you hurt alot of other little girls along the way just so your little girl could play basketball. Remember the Utah Tournament? You took the wind out of alot of little girls sails, my daughter included and I will never forgive you for that. It’s too bad for you that Kim and Courtney were the ones that shined at that tournament not your daughter. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. I still don’t understand why you insisted on Immunity for Erika and yourselves for the crimes committed in Blair County. What are you hiding, there has to be something. It must be nice to be able to buy yourselves and your daughter out of anything that comes along

    • Febrianspin
  • Well, I feel like George Bush standing on the fihgter jet with the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign behind me. Mother called me last night, after she finished reading the entire blog, to BEG me not to go on this trip! Her concerns: too dangerous to travel alone, going to places I’m not familiar with, being around strangers, just not safe, seems crazy to her, etc. etc. etc.I will call her tonight to reassure her; but, I’m not certain it will help.

    • Sekhar