Merino leggings

 It is starting to get cold! 

Black 100% merino leggings are available to purchase online now!

Come instore to check out our exclusive merino colour range.

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  • So jealous! (I peppod over from your other blog.) I’m an American living in Melb. My jacket advice is to look at Lands End and LL Bean online (USA sites both ship here) they have great down jackets & vests very warm but pack down small. I have a black down vest from Lands End that I have LIVED in for the past three winters (in Seattle and here in Melbourne) paired with a 1/2 zip fleece turtleneck and rainproof shell you’re good to go. (REI sells the Marmot PreCip Jacket which is a perrenial fave of Seattle-ites.) With the AUD / USD now you’d be crazy to buy something here from a camping store here. US sites are now getting in all their winter stock and even with shipping it is cheaper than here. has a down jacket for $69 US! LL Bean and Lands End have a lot of great fleece pieces too (cheaper than REI) great for travel. Both have awesome kids’ clothes I still buy my daughter’s stuff at Lands End and have it shipped. Good luck I’ll be eagerly following!

    • Edison
  • =manvicbrorehamz=>我用的是 bliss poetic waxnig kit 用來做upper lip都幾易 浸在水中用電磁爐加熱就ok 我不是敏感肌 所以我不能作準 你可到 bliss counter 要求試做一下 waxnig 之後就知道會不會敏感了 如用它來做 under arm 就煩得多 所以 under arm 我選擇了 laser

    • Winnie